Hi! I'm Hannah and I live in the midwest, but more specifically, central Indiana. I have a passion for Doctor Who, pancakes with crispy edges, astronomy, thunderstorms, God, my family, friends and being creative. I like to think I'm a photographer with an unprecedented outlook on life and the beauty you can find in this world. Photography is my main creative outlet. I was a hobbyist during highschool and turned my passion into a job about four years ago. I love going on adventures, reading about adventures, and day dreaming about them. I have recently been able to visit the beautiful countries of Iceland and Belize. They couldn't have been more opposite! My family is very important to me, as I'm sure yours is important to you too! I know that finding the right photographer to capture these moments is very important. My style is a mixture of free spirited and moody, but I don't mind taking a traditional shot here and there... I rarely step foot in a studio; my preference is mainly natural light and the great outdoors. I draw most of my inspiration from nature and use it to create portraits that are unique like the wonderful person you are! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and checking out my work! I hope we will make a great fit for each other. Feel free to send me an email!